We conceptualize, design, and build UX & graphic design products for nonprofit & charitable groups. For free.

Nonprofit and charitable organizations are integral to Canadian life. These civil groups improve not only the day-to-day lives of thousands of Canadians, but as well, they work to enhance and support Canada's diversity and vibrancy. Unfortunately, budget limitations often restrict the operations of these organizations. DesigntoLove recognizes the value of each dollar raised by, or donated to, a nonprofit group. We believe that multimedia and marketing projects used to publicize and promote these groups should cost them nothing; when dollars are precious, they should be put toward the goals of the non-profit organization, not towards advertising.



Sound too good to be true? It’s not - we promise! Of course, we do need to learn a bit more about your organization.

Here's the deal: If you're a member of a nonprofit organization, and you've got a design task, we can do it. For free. But, we need a bit of information about your organization, your design request, and you! If you're interested in getting some love from D2L, please send a brief request email to:

Due to the volume of requests we receive, we can't guarantee an immediate product - but we'll certainly get back to you within a week or two to discuss your project.



We like to put our passion to good use. We also really like that warm & fuzzy feeling.

DesigntoLove is a nonprofit group of designers, each with a love for art, design, and volunteerism. Eventually, DesigntoLove will serve to connect student designers with nonprofit groups to better both communities through active volunteerism. For now, we provide free new media & graphic design services to nonprofit and charitable organizations, to free up funding for better and more applicable use. Why? Why not? To put our personal interests to good use. To know we're helping people who really do make a difference. To get that warm and fuzzy feeling.
Love to design? DesigntoLove.



Here are some of the latest organizations we’ve worked with to make lovely things happen.

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